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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Step one of the sterilization process...

Ultrasonic cleaners enhance the removal of debris prior to sterilization using our BIOMed Clean autoclaves. It’s important to note that ultrasonic cleaners do not disinfect instruments and therefore is considered the initial phase in processing reusable medical devices.


Our ultrasonic cleaners are available in 2.5 and 6 litre capacities.


To compliment our ultrasonic cleaners we also provide a range of autoclaves,  water distillers, medical trolleys and testing products making BIOMed Clean the one stop supplier for all your sterilisation requirements. 


  BIOMed Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner  


Ensure optimum performance of your Ultrasonic cleaner:

  • Water and detergent solutions should be well maintained, cleaned and changed at regular intervals.
  • Instruments placed in ultrasonic baskets must be fully immersed in the cleaning solution.
  • BIOMed Clean supply recommended detergent concentrate enhancing the removal of debris prior to sterilisation. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After the ultrasonic process has taken place, instruments must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed using distilled water in order to remove residual soil and detergents with minimum risk of salt deposition.

 Safety features and processes

  • five fast cleaning cycles
  • LED display cycles
  • digital timer display
  • temperature, time and heating settings are all digitally controlled and easy to use
  • single push button start on most cleaning cycles
  • supplied with lid and basket
  • stainless steel water tank
  • mains powered with sealed electronics
  • supplied ready to use, no assembly required


2.5 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner 

The 2.5 litre ultrasonic cleaner has a stainless steel tank and is also supplied with a lid and basket.


Digital temperature control, a 2.5 litre capacity and five fast cleaning cycles.


 -  plastic basket & tray

 -  stainless steel basket

 -  power lead


External Dimensions: L245mm x W145mm x H85mm

Includes: 1x plastic basket & tray, stainless steel basket and power lead

6 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner

This ultrasonic cleaner has a large 6 litre capacity and 34cm tank opening size.


Complete with 2 colour LED display cycles, 5 temperature settings and high cycle power.


 -  stainless steel indirect tank

 -  stainless steel & extra plastic basket

 -  drain hose & power lead


External Dimensions: L245mm x W145mm x H85mm

Includes: 1x plastic basket and tray, stainless steel basket & power lead

Solution for Ultrasonic Cleaning

500ml Excel Beta DS Ultrasonic Cleaning solution with double headed bottle for accurate and simple dispensing. 


Suitable for use with all Ultrasonic Cleaners supplied by BIOMed Clean.


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