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Water Distillers

Distilled water and autoclaves, why it's so important?

When operating any autoclave (benchtop steamsterilizer) it is vital that good quality, distilled water be used.


Water distillers primarily remove mineral content and solid deposits which can quickly block the autoclave steam generator units, solenoid valves and filters. Repairs to these items can be costly, result in unnecessary downtime of damaged equipment and void your manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, this may result in damage to your instruments.


BIOMed Clean provice water distilling units that distill water (sourced from tap water) which is both convenient and cost effective. Our water distillers produce distilled water at a rate of approximately one litre an hour.


Water distilling units must be descaled regularly to allow them to work at their optimum performance levels. We supply Ecowater Distiller Cleaner which removes any calcium residue, thus ensuring maximum performance and the long life of your distiller.

Autoclave Tower Puro 300 Water Distiller


In addition to our water distillers we also provide a range of autoclaves ultrasonic cleanersmedical trolleys and testing products making BIOMed Clean the one stop supplier for all your sterilisation requirements. 

Tower 100 Water Distiller  

Plastic shell and lid, stainless steel tank, polycarbonate collection bottle, 4 litre tank capacity.

-  Produces 1 litre of distilled water per hour

-  Power 750w


External Dimensions: 230mm x 280mm x 445mm 

Model: Tower 100

Tower Puro 300 Water Distiller

Stainless steel shell, lid and tank, glass collection bottle, 4 litre tank capacity, clean modern design.

-  1 litre of distilled water produced per hour 

External Dimensions: 230mm x 280mm x 445mm 
Model: Tower 300

Ecowater Distiller Cleaner

Cleaning solution for use with water distilling units supplied by BIOMed Clean.





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